About Us


Kathy  is an accomplished Photographer and investigator, with years of experience in both. She brings in a level of organization and professionalism we need. Kathy also has a knack for finding the best areas to check out on the investigations. 

Doug, every team needs a debunker and ours is Doug. When he says there isn’t a natural explanation for something you can trust there isn’t! Doug stays calm in every situation.

Mindy, every group needs and should have a Mindy; she has the ability to make “things” talk back to us on our recorders. She can pick out an evp every time! Mindy, is always willing to help out on an investigation.

John, has become an important addition to the CPI family. His expertise in audio equipment and owning his own recording studio is a real asset to CPI for all of digital and analog recording needs.

Amanda, an original member of CPI it is great to have Amanda back! Her investigation skills and sensitivity adds to every investigation she is on. Amanda will push herself to levels during an investigation that would have other people running!Say something interesting about your business here.