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June 2011

We are so lucky that 2011 has been so very busy for us.  We have had oppo0rtunities to return to some of our favorite spots and lucky enough to get to go to some new locations and help some families out.

Our member line up has changed and we will miss Tom who has recently had to leave us due to his family and work responsibilities.  I keep trying to win the lotto so we don’t have to worry about that but so far I haven’t won…..but I am Blessed in many ways.  This year has brought some very special people back into my life who share my interest in the paranormal which is great since I never tire about discussing it!

CPI wished a safe and Blessed summer to all!


I can’t believe the time has flown so quickly!  CPI took the holidays off and only did one investigation in November but I am working on scheduling investigations for 2011 and it already seems that it is going to be a very busy year! If just some of them get scheduled we will be booked until June.

The CPI members want to wish anyone who may read this a safe and Blessed 2011!

Ghost Gadget Guy news:

My biggest pet peeve, and even I am guilty of this, is watching investigators with their eyes locked onto their gear. In the mean time, they may be missing events as they happen around them. I love set it and forget it gear. If you can data log it or alarm it, great. If you can monitor it from a distance, even better.

Follow this link to read the rest of what Michael has to say and see the new gadget…


November, 2010   Welcome Centegra Health System!!!

CPI members would like to welcome Centegra Health System employees.  We hope you enjoy the website and encourage you to ask and questions.  You can contact us at contact@cpiteam.net

Thank you for the wonderful article written about Mindy.  Mindy is one of our best Lead Investigators and is excellent at conducting evp sessions.

Thank you again!

October 1, 2010  Newsletter II

I have gotten through the first month of trying to put this web-site together.  Before I go any further I need to thank my son-in-law Mike for teaching me and for all the patience he has shown me.  He is truly one of the most talented and knowledgeable IT person I have ever met.  Hopefully you will continue to come back on a monthly basis to see our updates.

I strongly feel that since we are in a field that we don’t have real proof if we are trying to communicate and/or gather paranormal data in the right way we shouldn’t criticize other teams and the equipment or ways they investigate.  As an example, CPI does not use psychics but we would never say that using one  during an investigation is wrong.  We should take the way each of us are comfortable investigating and put our findings together and not fight one another.

I bring this up to take this opportunity to discuss the part of investigating I believe we should all conduct the same; that is the treatment of our clients and the locations that we are invited into.  I have heard from many clients that teams have investigated their homes/businesses and have never heard from them again.  How about the groups that claim to honor the confidentiality code but really don’t.  Don’t get me wrong CPI has done an investigation and for reason’s that I won’t discuss here never turned in an “official” reveal; things do happen.  This should never be the norm in my opinion.  People invite us into their home or business, allow us to sit in their bedrooms and living space for hours, the least we can do is tell them what we did or didn’t find/capture.

So let’s make sure we keep our ethics and values strong especially if we don’t “agree” with another teams way of investigating.

Blessings to all and be safe,


So this is the new web site.  If you like it let us know, if not well you can let us know that too but it will be nice if you give some suggestions too.  This page will be for CPI members to post little “blurbs.”  They will be changing on a monthly basis.  They will range from Michael, our Ghost Gadget Guy to Joe who will be sharing some info on new techniques to use for investigating to well Tech and some theories.  Janet will be sharing a variety of news with us, don’t be surprised if the first one is about Twilight and Vampires.  I will try to think of something new to talk about each month…that won’t be a problem at all.  We will also be doing something real cool, I can’t share it yet but I hope it is up by the 1st of September.  Thank you for your patience while the “construction” is going…..

Remember: we are all learning since know one has died and come back to tell us which way to investigate is right or wrong…so be considerate of other investigators doing it differently than you….



FROM  MICHAEL, THE GHOST GADGET GUY  http://ghostgadgetguy.com

Cell Sensor RF & ELF/EMF Meter

Besides a recorder and a camera, the “must-have” ghost gadget is the EMF detector.

When I die, if I find out that I can’t manipulate EMF, I’m gonna be pissed. Why? Cuz’ I’ve spent hours walking around taking base readings, staring at meters, and hundreds of dollars on various meters. But let’s assume that I will be an EMF affecting S.O.B.

There are literally thousands of EMF detectors out there. Ok, maybe not thousands, but a lot! From cheap detectors that basically light up and say “Danger!” to expensive tri-field three axis meters that will measure a cat moving in the next room, the choices are plenty. Let’s focus on cheap and decent.  The Cellsensor has been out for over 10 years now (Winner of the Design and Innovations Award – CES 1999!!!). If budget is really key, I can sort-of recommend the Cellsensor.  I can go into all sorts of explanations about EMF meters.  But if you are visiting this site you probably know as much as I do.

From Joe:

The Time Slip Theory works from the premise that time is fluid rather than fixed. Time is not linear as we experience it, but exists within a context of a single point of space. If true, it is not hard to believe a person could slip from one point in time to another. Kind of the way we, in our normal day, would move from one room to another in our house. As such, the image of an apparently very solid personality moving through a mansion completely oblivious to the presence of the observer may not be paranormal, but a snapshot from an earlier time that somehow played to the observer. This could explain ghosts that are residual haunts or manifestations. Residual is when the spirit does the same thing every time it is seen or heard. It is like a film just playing over and over again. Are they just oblivious to our world not because they are dead but because they somehow stepped out of time? How this could happen is still not known but could explain how ordinary rational people reported being surrounded by ancient time’s for minutes even hours. Maybe it could explain the spirits dressed in period clothing also. This is only a theory or hypothesis it is too complex and has flaws but very interesting. (The Case for Ghost Book).

Joe’s Take on the Theory

I like this theory; it is interesting and may explain other things like the Bermuda triangle maybe the ships and airplanes have time jumped to some other point. This could also explain the accounts of seeing the occasional ghost ship at sea maybe it is from a different time and crossed over to ours. What about the accounts of UFO’s hovering in the sky and just dissipating into thin air as if it just faded away? This theory is just that; a theory.  While no one can actually prove it or disprove this to account to anything paranormal, it still does give us something to think about as we do our investigating to further the field of paranormal research. We must be able to see both sides of the field and take a objective look at the paranormal so that one day we may be able to understand the why, what and how of the field.  There is no one explanation to the paranormal I think it is very complex and there must be a reasonable explanation to it.  Will we ever know? Edison, Einstein, Galileo, all have noted paranormal experiences from long ago and still no answer to the paranormal says this field is one that will always be in the unknown category of time. Many will look for the explanation but I think when it is time for us to know it will be time. Can it be a higher power keeping the answer hidden or is it a simple answer and we are looking too hard for the complex answer to be able to justify or ever discount that this is even a possibility. Ghost Hunters will have fun trying to find the answers to the paranormal, or even to have an experience of the paranormal.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Time Slip Theory and what I think about it. Please feel free to comment or to add a thought to it I will post more theories soon.

October 1st Article from Ghost Gadget Guy

magCAM                                    iGeo Phone As more developers are discovering the power of the iPhone, the DROID, etc., we are finding paranormal inventors are no exception. New apps seem to be popping up daily for ghost hunters. Some are silly. But some are cheaply replacing tools that many of us paid big money for prior.      Click on the Ghost Gadget Guy banner to finish reading……..

Please email us  questions, comments, suggestions and most importantly any assistance you may need at: contact@cpiteam.net

Disclaimer: Each item written is the opinion of the writer and not necessarily the opinion of each/any member of CPI.

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