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CPI at Flounders

CPI was lucky enough to have Matt contact us and ask us to do an investigation of Flounders Bar in Chicago.  Obviously we didn’t waste any time in getting out there.  Surprisingly the night was very quiet…until we got home and started going over the evidence.  This is a video we got as one last effort before leaving for the night.  the full spectrum camcorder was purchased from Moditronic.com  What a great camera not only is the video good but it even captured an evp!  Hope you can hear the direct responses we got on the evps….4958to5004says-emma 5110to5120-no 5055to5110Tellher-Wait Oh Yea 355to405

Here is some info leading up to capturing this video:

It was towards the end of the night and we had just come back in after spending about 15 minutes outside.  We planned to give it one last try after taking the break.  When you walk into Flounders it is the bar area where the other investigators were at this time, there is then about a 12 foot hall way with the kitchen on the one side and the wall on the other that runs from the front, behind the bar, all the way to the back of the pool room.  The room then opens to where I was when I was ng,  I w



evp’s  ASK NAME evp 1 mindy master bedroom-ans to having kids mindy LITTLE WHINE SOUND

EVPs from Tinker Swiss Cottage

 Kitchen Whistling  Want Quiet Oh Don’t Speak Disemb Breathing

 Little Girls Voice  Disemb moan heard by all  Disem Little Girl Moan


FORT MASSAC, Metropolis  ILfort-massac-reveal-3.26.10

OHIO TAVERN, Madison WI http://www.ohiotavern.org




Willow Creek Farm


noises als farm We set up our camera’s and audio making sure that the cameras were filming the entrance into the home we then went to dinner leaving the house.  This is just one part of a recording that we captured.

jennifer on bed wow We were in the master bedroom, Jen was sitting on the bed….listen to this evp we captured.

Actually 3 pictures were taken by Tammy in the back bedroom, the two have nothing under the window, we can’t explain nor were we able to recreate the shadow that was captured in just one of the pictures.

Elsings Second Hand Shop

elsings0407 http://elsings2ndhandshop.blogspot.com

Frankfort Investigation Reveal Report evp:  hi

No part of any reports, photos and/or evp’s may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise except with the permission from the investigator or CPI.
without prior permission

the only one back there,  I was not in a position that I would cast my own shadow nor would a car or someone walking by cast a shadow such as this.  Beyond the room I was in there is a bar garden.  I hope this sets it up for you…





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